RL assists schools and districts that recognize that "factory model" schooling does not work in the 21st Century.  We help schools replace that model with new structures that combine rigor and SEL, support global learning and offer truly engaging experiences unbounded by classroom walls and excessive testing.

Build Culture & Climate
  • Team and Community building
  • Kid Friendly Support
  • Trauma and Crisis training

Our Mission: Developing Not Sorting

Develop Rigor
  • Building Mastery
  • Skills Based Scheduling
  • Scaffolding

Renegade Learning

Is the kind that seeks knowledge from the local to the global, Develops skills across all fields, and knows no boundaries. It happens everywhere and at all times. It's active, experiential & a great way to organize schools, and for students & teachers to begin loving school again.

Excite Educators
  • Budget Friendly Strategies
  • Teacher lead Models
  • Replace Sorting with developing